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Flow2 has developed and operates through a wealth of expertise in the business utilities sector. This expertise initiates directly from our directors who have had many years’ experience working within the energy and water industry, dealing specifically with businesses. This has ensured that Flow 2 is in the best placed position and leading the way in developing an alternative way of paying for utilities, allowing you to make the choice and in turn enabling you to better manage your business needs.

We are positively encouraging and bringing forward our best way to offer a solution for businesses wanting to be released from the stranglehold of the current marketplace; Flow 2 are welcoming and working to make a change that means that the future means that water is not a monopolised buying market; Flow 2 is working to give you the freedom to choose; therefore encouraging more competitive prices.

Our diverse experience and knowledge places us at the forefront of a set of new and upcoming companies; that will, in time make a significant change to the current water market and, Flow 2 will lead the way to make a positive and exciting impact within the current water industry; in time changing the way we purchase water for the better, and making an effect on the market for all businesses across the UK.