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Please follow the below tips to help your business to reduce their water usage:

  • Appoint a member of staff to monitor water use and identify water-saving measures, i.e. through regular site checks and meter readings.
  • Check your meter location and supplies it measures
  • Check your meter reading regularly – for larger sites you could consider data logging key metered supplies to support this.
  • Develop a water management plan for your site
  • Educate employees about implementing water saving measures
  • Ensure new equipment is water and energy efficient – it will pay off in the long term
  • Fit sub-meters across your site to identify areas of high use
  • Fit water – efficient devices i.e. push taps, low-flush toilets, flow regulators or restrictors. The payback can be as little as 5 weeks
  • Fix dripping taps and leaks as quickly as possible
  • Get buy-in from management and involve employees with responsibility for facilities, finance and operations in water-saving measures from the start
  • Install a hippo or save a flush device in toilets to reduce water use
  • Invest in alternative water sources i.e. Rainwater Harvesting
  • Lag your pipes to reduce leaks in cold weather
  • Reduce urinal flushing by fitting a urinal control
  • Review your plans to reduce water at least once a year
  • Use treated waste water for industrial uses, toilets and irrigation which will reduce drinking water use and save you money